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Insurance Consultants and Investment Advisors India

Managing wealth with a purpose means offering a set of customized wealth solutions for a given client profile. A plain vanilla approach of ‘one size fits all’ is generally an inferior way to financial planning. For this reason, we have broadly classified our clients into following profiles:

Domestic Individual Investors :
At Burgeon Wealth Advisors, we believe that in order to achieve one’s life goals, he should follow a systematic and disciplined process of savings, investments, risk management, legacy planning and lifestyle over the long term. We help encapsulate all of these aspects in a well constructed roadmap in the shape of a financial plan.
We begin by listening to our clients, understanding their current financial profile, long-term financial goals, and creating a financial plan that best meets their needs. It would entail finding answers to questions like those given below:
Do you have a clear picture of your goals and dreams?
Have you written out your financial goals?
Have you quantified them?
Are you comfortable with your present financial situation?
Are you keeping track of your cash flow?
Are you managing your cash flow for liquidity, long term returns or safety?
What are your current investments?
What are your wealth accumulation goals?
Buying a second home or a vacation home
Better lifestyle or comforts for you and your family
Starting or expanding your business
Other family related goals
How do your current investments support your accumulation goals?
What has been your approach to:
Risk Management
Risk tolerance
Various asset classes such as equities, debt, commodities etc
Immunization and Diversification
How might unforeseen events impact your family's goals?
Have you provided for your dependants?
Are you prepared for unforeseen expenses due to
Illness and more importantly the unfortunate occurrence of long-term illness or critical illness
What has been your approach to
Life insurance
Home insurance
Health Insurance
Are you keeping track of your cash flow?
Are you managing your cash flow for liquidity, long term returns or safety?
What are your current investments?
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How do you manage your taxes?
Do you understand how current tax laws apply to you?
Are you eligible for specific tax deduction
Have you taken advantage of all provisions under Income Tax Act?
Have you decided upon a plan for your assets after you pass on?
Have you written out your will or created a trust?
What purpose you want your legacy to serve?
Life insurance
Home insurance
Health Insurance
Will your current plan let you achieve these goals?
We follow a six step advisory process :
Advisory Process :
    Brainstorming session on Life Goals
Identify and quantify life goals
Detail current personal & financial situation
    Identify and Assess Key Issues
Evaluate current financial position
Review wealth creation, retirement estate planning
Review tax structures e.g. individual, family offices & private companies 
Analysis & Planning
Assess financial strategy options to meet goals gap analysis
Assess financial strategy options to meet goals gap analysis
The Burgeon Financial Road Map
Tailored financial strategies to achieve stated goals
Detail recommended asset allocation & investments
Wealth creation & estate planning advise to protect wealth
Strategy Presentation & Implementation
Strategies & rationale discussed
Wealth Manager facilitates the implementation of all recommendations
    Review and Tune-up
Review progress towards achieving lifestyle goals
Review appropriateness of asset allocation & investments
Re-balance portfolio to bring it in line with appropriate asset allocation as per your risk profile
Review new goals

In our experience, NRIs have their own set of concerns & investment goals which are not identical with those of domestic investors.
Concern over who will handle your money in India
What investment alternatives you have as NRIs are not allowed to invest in all
    investment products that a domestic investor can invest in
What communication channels are in place to keep you apprised on your investments
    once you’re back to your present country of residence
How will your assets such as real estate be looked after once you’re back to your
    present country of residence
What are the tax implications of your investments in India
What money transfer & repatriation rules apply to you
Assistance in wealth & asset transfer from your ancestors to you
Assistance in procuring life, general and health insurance for you as well as to your
    Know More......

Private Corporations
Services we provide to Private Corporations are :
Treasury Management
Working Capital Loans
Term Loans
Promoter Financing
Loan Against Shares
Lease Rental Discounting
Fund Raising & Capital Injection
Assist in procuring Carbon Credits
Employer - Employee Insurance
Assist in procuring General Insurance: Fire, Flood Insurance, Auto etc
Public Enterprises :
    Services we provide to Public Enterprises are :
Carbon Credits

  NGOs need to follow a strict investment policy for funding that it gets. We provide assistance in the following areas :
Assistance in constructing an appropriate investment policy document
Managing the portfolio in strict adherence to the investment policy by a prudent mix of equities & Fixed Income products.
Ongoing research, monitoring and re-balancing of these portfolios
Assistance in tax filing

We assist in formation of Trusts
Trusts & Societies need to follow a strict investment policy for funding that it gets. We provide
    assistance in managing the portfolio in strict adherence to the investment policy by a prudent
    mix of equities & Fixed Income products
Trusts need to adhere to strict discipline as their fiduciary responsibility in managing the
    investment portfolio. We provide this assistance
Frequently, decision making has legal ramifications, we assist in this process.
Estate Planning and Trust Services are a means to an end. These services play an integral role in clarifying the modalities of transfer of family values as well as assets from one generation to the next. They also provide appropriate vehicles with which these objectives can be established. Our Private Wealth Advisory teams consult with clients and their legal advisors to ensure that the clients' financial and estate planning objectives complement their desired goals and vision for building a family legacy.
Services offered through tie-ups with Leading Law Firms (LLF)
Offer end to end solutions - structuring of the trust to achieve settlers objectives, initiate
registration of trust, opening of bank accounts followed by day to day management of the trust
    investment portfolio. We provide this assistance
Objectives addressed are Succession Planning, Prudent management of Investments,
    Executing Charitable intentions/Philanthropic activities, Education of next of kin, Medical
    expenses, Marriage, Holiday expenses, Foster care, etc.
Persons contemplating a 'Will' but are ignorant of the trust route as an alternative
Persons in business looking for 'Bankruptcy Remoteness'
NRIs having assets in India but no one to actively administer the assets, or even if they have
family / friends but require professionals to administer them
Someone wanting to have different set of beneficiaries for separate 'pool' of assets (not
necessarily only separate class of assets)
Someone who wishes to maintain 'confidentiality' of his financial transaction
A person who runs a medium / large scale business but does not have a clear successor to run
    the business, he may look at a professional entity to help him find one once he has passed on
Someone who is looking at a ring fenced mechanism to be able to take risks for aggressive
    growth in business, but at the same time 'secure' the future of next generation, through a life goals plan and others
Unmarried professional/ businessmen relocating abroad and leaving behind significant assets in
    India with no one to manage the administrative aspects
A watertight structure to provide for a 'foster child' or 'special child'
As a Trustee LLFs can initiate the following administrative process for operation of the Trust:
Obtaining the Permanent Account Number (PAN) for the Trust
Opening various accounts for the Trust (Bank, Demat, Broker, Custody, Portfolio Manager)
Initiating the process of transferring the assets (cash / securities / other assets) to the Trust
Evaluation and appointment of portfolio managers for the trust
Transfer cash to Portfolio Managers for undertaking investments and obtain reports from them
on monthly basis
Undertake the regulatory compliances with respect to the Trust like maintaining of accounts,
audit of accounts, filing of income tax returns etc

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