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      Conceptualized & Incepted with the visionary founder & managing director, Maneesh Kumar.
    Pedigree: Armed with over 22yrs of experience both in international markets as well as in India in top positions at organizations such as Merrill Lynch & Hubert Roche in the U.S. and Edelweiss & ASK Raymond James in India, Maneesh conceptualized the inception of Burgeon Wealth Advisors. Academically, he is highly qualified equipped with a MBA in Marketing from Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, USA, MBA in Finance from Montclair State University, USA & Executive Management from Wharton, USA
    Maneesh believes that above a certain threshold, there aren’t quantifiable differentiators in knowledge levels between experts. What differentiates a good wealth advisor is personalized & customized wealth solutions, risk management, close touch ongoing monitoring & service, a broad array of investment & risk management tools to take advantage of mega-trends & a client-centric approach.
    Maneesh has applied & implemented best practices from his work experience of over 22yrs from international markets to Indian financial markets.  

      Joined by spouse Rakhi Kumar - businessperson in her own right having run successful businesses in the past, Rakhi has 16 yrs of experience in international markets especially, Europe & South America.
    Rakhi is a champion of excellent client service, business efficiencies, customized solutions and long term mutually beneficial relationships.
    With a rich experience and knowledge in risk management solutions, Rakhi is a firm believer of the idiom, Defense is what wins games. With a nice bouquet of insurance solutions to protect one’s life, business, assets as well as planning retirement and leaving a legacy, Rakhi works closely with our clients in developing the most appropriate solutions to fulfill these goals.



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    Our endeavor is to match investment and risk management strategies with your
      goals not ours.
    Our consultative approach is customer centric and not product centric
    Confidentiality of client data
    Our 23 years experience in Capital Markets
    Expertise in Investment Advisory and HNI relationship management
    Our rich experience in both international as well as domestic markets
    Long term and disciplined approach to investments
    Developing and maintaining an honest, respectful and a mutually beneficial
    relationship with our clients
    Utilize our in-house expertise as well as leverage the network we’ve forged with
      the best of breed experts in their respective domains
    Our endeavor is to always enhance our handshake into a hand-grip in our client
      relationships through all of the various life stages in our clients’ lives

    Our logo which is the brand signature encapsulates our values and beliefs.  
    The logo shape also contains the letters BWA, our acronym for Burgeon Wealth Advisors. The shaded portion at the base of the lower pyramid is the start of the journey our client undertakes hand in hand with us. As our name connotes, from there on, our endeavor is to suggest solutions to help the client grow, flourish and prosper always keeping the focus on meeting his target(s). This target is the white dot in the center of the two pyramids. As this journey continues upwards towards his goals, the colors become more saturated as uncertainty gives way to confidence. The two overlapping pyramids show that our client’s and our interests are conjoined. The colors, blue and white represent integrity and transparency two of our guiding principles.
    The two pyramids are an open box that shows our out of the box thinking. This represents our embracing an open platform allowing us to pick the best of breed customized solutions (bespoke) for our clients
    There are two pyramids in our logo. We believe, reaching one apex, target or goal should not induce complacency. As our lives are a continuum of various challenges, successes and changing objectives, we should endeavor to continue to scale greater heights therefore, reaching one apex or primary target is not enough and should continue the journey to reach another peak.

    Finally, once the client reaches his primary target ( the white dot ), there are other objectives such as legacy planning, tax planning and charitable intentions that he would want to embark on to utilize as well as distribute his wealth (assets) wisely. These actions are connoted by the diamonds on both sides. Infact, the upper diamond is bigger than the lower one because clients generally give an even greater meaning in being able to do such things as charity and leaving a legacy than the time they were striving to reach their primary targets. Our partnership is so well entrenched with our clients by then that we are active enablers in achieving these goals as well.

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